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  1. if W is the only problem for you just move around with the middle mouse button or go to settings and switch camera buttons and use Right mouse button to move around very simple fix.
  2. Elevator was mentioned here maybe upvote it and leave your reply there since the topic is already open
  3. forgot to include a photo but this is how it looks after some time hass passed and you get "the waves" of fully grown crops.
  4. This would be hard to do because it can't just be made randomly it would need an algorithm for the channels and everything to be playable but if the devs decide to make the whole algorithm that would randomly make a new map of a decided size that would be amazing. We have to keep in mind that gandomly generating water channels that can be connected togheter is not as easy as it sounds.
  5. More decorations have been mentioned here. maybe add your opinion there so it's all in one place and easier for the devs to find.
  6. Books right now are really not as usefull in the game but with adding a few more uses to them it would make them a necessity. For example building a historian or a teacher or something like that and make scientists use books or require education for the advanced late game research because now anyone can be a scientist. Maybe make a seperate "Educated Scientist" building for Advanced Science produced by scientists that use books to generate points a lot slower. That could mean that the suspension bridges or any of the Advanced research could have an extra few Advance Science points nee
  7. A very good thing would be if you could manually set a group of buildings that you're building and set the exact order of what you want to build after another thing so everything would go like you planned. There have been multiple times when my beavers blocked their way to what they were supposed to build and I had to either break down what I have placed already or add an extra path for accessing the blocked area which is not to bad but in the harder modes it would get annoying for sure. The solution would be to have a button new building queue on the same UI where you set the priority.
  8. The districts work amazing once you set up your distribution correctly from your main one and balance it out. It gives a nice challenge to expanding your territory and it's not as easy as just putting down more houses and paths. it's very good that you have to distribute food and resources there to start it out and eventually lower the amount of resources needed to be distributed there. one of the good uses for the districts is also that you can have a main one an "industrial" one where you make all the planks gears and all that factory stuff and one just for farming and have massive fa
  9. yeah a better name would definitely help new players something like water drain or water pipe would definitely help with that,
  10. The way I do it is I put one or two Farm houses per farming area and assing priority to Planting that way they plant it right after harvesting and over time you won't have a field of them growing at the same time and not enough forkers but instead you will constantly have like a wave going through your field of fully grown crops and much easier to handle by a small amount of workers.
  11. Yeah just an option to have a proper night or more of a symbolic "dark" periodand still be able to see everything but a bit darker.
  12. yeah I think all of it is lost. reclaiming at least 25-50% for the smae building would make sense yeah because in theory som parts could be used again I understand not for all buildings yeah but for the same one it would be nice if you just want to relocate it.
  13. Yeah maybe some rails and carts would be a great addition to the iron teeth faction or maybe a steam powered cart train would also be cool.
  14. Yes I have mentioned it here (link) if you want to add your opinion and upvote
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