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  1. Hi @mskiescher. We have looked into this and it appears that there is in fact a problem with the blinking icons but it does not affect the actual behavior of beavers - for the most part they are two separate things. So we will be addressing it as two issues: one with the blinking icons and another one with beavers ignoring some trees.
  2. I'm closing this thread for now - if the problem reoccurs, please open a new one.
  3. ooBartek


    This is just to confirm that the bug is fixed, I'm closing this thread. If anyone experiences the problem again, please open a new thread.
  4. For those not Discord, this is just to confirm that a fix was released a few days ago.
  5. So in the end I am unable to reproduce the problem from the original description. When I click on the Temple, the points are subtracted and the building is unlocked. What I'm seeing is that if I pause the game, the building unlocks without subtracting science points. Could you confirm that it wasn't what you meant?
  6. Wait, in my case it's actually the opposite: The science points do not get subtracted but the building gets unlocked.
  7. Hi @Snoot, thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the problem when I unlocked a building while the game was paused - the building gets unlocked as soon as you unpause the game. This is of course a bug, it should unlock immediately, I'm adding it to our todo list. If that is not what happened in your game (meaning the game was not paused), let me know.
  8. Hi @Puma - sorry about the trouble. We were able to reproduce the problem and we have already released a hotfix. Let us know if you the problem reoccurs.
  9. @NicholasSteele Thank you, I was able to reproduce the problem on my machine - I'm adding it to our todo list.
  10. @TheMadKing The open alpha has ended but you can join the closed beta queue here or join our newsletter. Note that the number of keys is limited.
  11. This subforum is dedicated to general feedback and suggestions about the game. As a rule, our team does not respond to specific ideas but we do read every single one. Before starting a new topic please check if someone else did not suggest the same thing - if so, you may want to upvote or respond to the existing topic. Bugs should go here.
  12. This is just a quick update that the map was created using the old / pre-beta format. @Chizzler would you be able to edit your post and update the map?
  13. Hi @Melvink4444, you can sign up by filing out this form: Timberborn Closed Beta signup. Keep in mind that the number of beta keys is limited.
  14. Timberborn Closed Beta is officially starting today! The first batch of beta keys is being sent out now so check your Discord inboxes. The number of keys is limited but if you don’t receive one today, don’t fret, we will be sending them in rounds over the coming weeks. You can still sign up to get a chance to participate in the beta by filing out this form: Timberborn Closed Beta signup. For those of you who played the open alpha, you should know that almost every aspect of the game has been redesigned. It would be impossible to list all of the changes but here are the major ones: Most of the graphics including the terrain and all buildings have been redone. Buildings can now be stacked atop each other or built on the water, forming multi-storey complexes. You can create custom maps using the built-in map editor. The game features three totally new maps. The path finding algorithm has been replaced, which fixed a lot of the old pathing bugs and improved performance. We significantly increased the tempo of the early game, most stats have been rebalanced. Laborers now work in Labor houses and Labor flags, unemployed beavers do nothing. Forester can now automatically mark mature trees for cutting. Homeless beavers set up sleeping mats on the street. Laborers and Haulers automatically distribute goods throughout the settlement. The process can be controlled by setting “desired amounts” in warehouses which replaces “stockpile limits”. Paper can be used to produce Books which satisfy Knowledge. Wooden paths are replaced with free dirt paths. Workplaces and homes now have a limited range that can be extended by building paths. Power can be connected to a building from (almost) any direction. Adjacent buildings form clusters which share power. Scaffolding can be walked on and can support almost any building. Twigs from Birches have been replaced with Berries produced by the newly added Blueberry bush. The load save and load map screens feature a handy “Browse directory” button which opens the File Explorer. Most warning icons are now grouped in an alert panel in the bottom left corner. You can locate unemployed beavers using one of the new alerts. After selecting a house, you can assign a dweller to move in. Homes can be paused, causing dwellers to move out and seek new shelter. The maximum height of a map has been increased from 9 to 16. The map file format has changed, but it should be relatively easy to convert any existing map generators or editors. Talk to our team if you need help. Finishing a building requires a small amount of a Laborer’s time in addition to materials. We’ve added a lot of new sounds. Many, many bug fixes and performance optimizations. Join us on Discord and add Timberborn to your Steam wishlist.
  15. ooBartek

    Pathing bug

    @Chizzler thanks for reporting this. The bug was caused by a limitation of our old path finding algorithm. We've already replaced it with a new, much better one which will be included in the beta release, so the problem should be gone.
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