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  3. Same here, change the key binding is very important, unplayable , instant uninstall
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  5. Playing on Canyon. I built my first dam as far downstream as I could to be able to provide natural irrigation to as much of my colony's land as possible. I built a second dam of two stories, fairly close to a waterfall (see attachment), allowing water to back up the river. I tried to have a dam on the lower tier to allow some flow once the dry season hit. Dams say they are solid, but another dam or levee couldn't be built on top of the lower tiers dam. So although I could stop the flow of water, the only way I could replenish the first reservoir was to demolish part of the dam, and let wa
  6. I tried the demo but couldn't find a user manual. The tutorial is very very limited. This led to a lot of frustration, it's really not fun seeing all beavers die because something you don't understand is happening.
  7. +1 on this. 'disable the building then re-enable it' isn't a satisfactory way to manage this. It's work, it's micromanagement, it's not fun and not game-like.
  8. +1 on this. Some ways to handle this : Also is there a user manual ? I still am unclear on why some buildings aren't operated. It says no worker in range, tried to make lodging in front of it, doesn't solve it so must have missed something here. allow selecting a beaver and assign it to a building allow setting a priority level on buildings allow conditional priorities, eg disactivate this if water or food are below a treshold allow setting worker affinities (this one will work at pump first. if no pump jobs then farm, ...) make the engi
  9. +1 on this. I just downloaded the demo, tried it out, survived a first dry season, but when wet season resumed they all died of thirst because no one worked at the water pump. I could not figure how to assign any worker to it, and had to watch them all die. From thirst. Just next to a flowing river. This is beyond frustrating. It should be possible to pick a building and manually assign a worker to it, or there should be a way to say 'hey this building must be operated before any other one'. Or at the very least the engine should be clever and prioritize water and food. The
  10. PS. I fixed it when playing by disabling and reenabling the house. It’s possible it was just chance that I paused it at the right frame. But I don’t think so, but if it fixes it’s self on reloading the it not a big problem.
  11. That’s what I’m seeing when I loaded my save. But I think that when I saved this bug they where suck like that for a while. Because that base does not have a path back to the main base there are normally 5 or 6 adults in 2 houses. I found the bug when checking to see why I only had 4.
  12. Looks like you managed to pause/make a save game while he was moving his things between slots 😉 As soon as I load this game and hit play, Lujin leaves one slot. Can you confirm?
  13. Disclaimer: I have been editing the game to turn back "Cycle" to 1 and incressing the "DrySeasonDuration" starting at 15 and increasing by 15 each season. I don't think it linked to the bug but who knows and always nice to have a good reason to ignore a bug. In the save game included, At the little outpost where the river exited the map there are 2 houses (under wearhouses) the both have 2 slots taken up by the same beaver. Might be related to the fact that this outpost sometimes has a path back to the main base where newly adults can move to and some time the path is blocked by
  14. Thanks! We will fix it at some point 🙂
  15. I'm playing the demo. During the second dry season, eventually the water stopped by my dam dries up. As soon as this happens, the workers at the water pumps become unemployed. However, there may be water remaining in the water pumps storage. These workers should remain employed at the water pump until the stored water there is dispersed to water storage tanks.
  16. Oh ok ! I understand, thanks to you, I'll pay attention now.
  17. I agree it’s confusing but the reason why is there is no wood pile in range of the build sight. You can make the wood pile in range by building roads or a second one closer.
  18. I expected there was a list and started looking for it, but apparently ther isn't! On my wishlist 🙂
  19. I agree, this is one of the things I find most annoying right now.
  20. Hi, First at all, congratulations for your work ! However, today I need to report a bug. Indeed my workers don't want to build a water pump at one specific place. I can't attached pic, so I'll explain to you : When the entrance to the small warehouse and the water pump entrance are face to face, and the pump touches the water, my beavers refuse to build the water pump. They can build all around but not at this place, whereas it was possible on previous saves... I did a little capture of the game if you want to see the non-action by yourself : https://youtu.be/KeGFcsOXf
  21. Why do I get only 2 logs out of a pine tree, but it costs 12 logs for a tiny shrub decoration?
  22. We're working on making Early Access available as soon as possible – there will be no limits there! Also, the announcement above was unfortunately an elaborate hoax prepared by those in the team who lob for an addition of in-game catapults. There was no patch on April 1st and we're not adding catapults and TBDs... at least not now. 😋
  23. Could we get the gristmill and more time to build with this patch as well? The game is incredible, but now after weeks the demo feels too short to have fun!
  24. Hello everyone, it appears you’ve enjoyed the last week’s patch, so we’ve got another coming! We’re happy to introduce a brand new feature we’ve been working on in secrecy for quite some time! Here are the patch notes for the CATAPULTS Patch! New feature: Tactical Beaver Drops We know you’re concerned about beaver numbers dropping too fast during dry seasons, and that’s why we’re adding an emergency way of increasing the population once per demo. Added Tactical Beaver Drops (TBDs). When your population hits 8 or below for the first time (starting with the first dry seas
  25. save and picture showing the waterwheel and power shaft spin directions 2021-04-01 11h19m, Day 2-9.json
  26. So I decided to build a waterwheel and connect it by using a power shaft turn and the gear connected to the waterwheel is spinning the wrong way
  27. Hello, sharing some ideas and hopes for the various beaver factions. I'm really hoping the factions feel very different from each other more so than just a different colored beaver strolling around the camp. It would be cool to see a faction of beavers that can swim and are able to find resources within the water. I've seen some comments suggesting Clay gets added as a resource, and the swimmer beavers could access clay much easier and quicker than the other factions. A beaver faction that is able to dig into the ground to create caves, mine for resources like rock, ore, gems, or stone to buil
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