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  2. Seems odd that the game gives you a few days warning of the coming of the dry season, only to be given another grace day.
  3. > In case of flooding Beavers climb to surfaces from which they cannot descend. > You cannot build a Levi/Dam on a Platform. > There is no way to open or close water flow. You need to delete blocks to allow water to pass.
  4. Last week
  5. What you describe, while full of potential and something I'd love to play, is a very different game. Maybe once they've done timberborn another such game would make for a nice followup
  6. You say this is a game about beavers. But I didn't start with a beaver dam. And Task 1 wasn't "build a beaver dam". (And someone else on these forums pointed out that they can't even swim????) I would like to build a beaver dam. I think that'd be fun. Planning little rooms in the wood (organic, not on a grid!), entrances below water, changing ecosystems, learning to get power from the water... But that's not what you've built. Throw out all of the code you've written so far. Start with a river. Build a beaver dam before you do anything else. Make it 3D and not at all grid-shaped.
  7. The Bugs section of our forums is now in read-only mode and at some point, it will be archived. Why is that? We're getting closer to the Early Access launch of Timberborn and we're trying to centralize bug reports using a dedicated, external tool: >>Bug and Suggestion Tracker<< This tool allows us to prioritize the work based on what players want the most while using helpful features such as tags and progress statuses. And what's the best about it? It doesn't require registration – to submit a new bug report, you only need to enter an e-mail. And to upvote suggestion
  8. Hi. Running the demo on Linux (ubuntu 20) with Steam. It says v20210319-6179b39-dsw instead of v20210322 (tried unistall/delete/reinstall, same version comes). It was working great for a while but since now more than a week the game cannot be played anymore. The right mouse button instead of rotating L/R/up/down now the cursor hided and reappears in centre of window, and has no effect The middle button scroll doesn't zoom anymore left mouse button still moves the screen There isn't any shortcut to move the camera up/down, so without the mouse it's not useable anymo
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  10. Agreed. There is a lot going on all at once, and several buildings with job openings, including buildings that were just now finished while we were busy with something else. It would be nice to set water pumps and foresters to high priority jobs so new adults will go directly to them without having to repeatedly check each and every individual building to close off job openings. Please help us out here. πŸ₯Ί
  11. When clicking RMB the cursor disappears and jumps to screen centre. It reappears when RMB is released. If moved, it'll reappear as moved from the screen centre. This worked before on the same system, this broken RMB/camera issue is new, a week or so.
  12. I'm using the demo through Steam on Linux. It says version v20210319-6179b39-dsw and has the new style buildings I tried unistall/reinstall, same version. How can I upgrade the demo to v20210322 ? Also RMB stopped working for camera rotation, and mouse scroll stopped working for camera zoom so cannot move the camera anymore.
  13. Hi Guys, I am following the development of the game... I like it very much. I would like to invest in the company. Will there be such an opportunity? If you don't want new investors, I will understand, but I think it wont hurt to ask.
  14. When building dirt roads the animation used by your fellow beavers should be slapping the ground to "flatten" the grass and dirt to make the road section. Different animations like this when building, cutting trees, or planting crops would be a nice visual feature. Really enjoying the game and can't wait to see future updates and changes.
  15. Do you mean things like warehouses split into small and big, or the multiple buildings participating in a single production chain? Either way, what you see in-game currently is going to evolve over time. For example, Inventor's Hut will at some point be a part of a larger system (see: the "Science, beaver!" brainstorm we're now having on our Discord).
  16. Hey, thanks! We don't have a specified launch date yet for the reasons explained here. But we're getting there, step by step. πŸ™‚
  17. Steam says 'Early access 2021' When is that? Outstanding work guys
  18. I don't see why I need 2-3 buildings for everything.
  19. Same here, change the key binding is very important, unplayable , instant uninstall
  20. Playing on Canyon. I built my first dam as far downstream as I could to be able to provide natural irrigation to as much of my colony's land as possible. I built a second dam of two stories, fairly close to a waterfall (see attachment), allowing water to back up the river. I tried to have a dam on the lower tier to allow some flow once the dry season hit. Dams say they are solid, but another dam or levee couldn't be built on top of the lower tiers dam. So although I could stop the flow of water, the only way I could replenish the first reservoir was to demolish part of the dam, and let wa
  21. I tried the demo but couldn't find a user manual. The tutorial is very very limited. This led to a lot of frustration, it's really not fun seeing all beavers die because something you don't understand is happening.
  22. +1 on this. 'disable the building then re-enable it' isn't a satisfactory way to manage this. It's work, it's micromanagement, it's not fun and not game-like.
  23. +1 on this. Some ways to handle this : Also is there a user manual ? I still am unclear on why some buildings aren't operated. It says no worker in range, tried to make lodging in front of it, doesn't solve it so must have missed something here. allow selecting a beaver and assign it to a building allow setting a priority level on buildings allow conditional priorities, eg disactivate this if water or food are below a treshold allow setting worker affinities (this one will work at pump first. if no pump jobs then farm, ...) make the engi
  24. +1 on this. I just downloaded the demo, tried it out, survived a first dry season, but when wet season resumed they all died of thirst because no one worked at the water pump. I could not figure how to assign any worker to it, and had to watch them all die. From thirst. Just next to a flowing river. This is beyond frustrating. It should be possible to pick a building and manually assign a worker to it, or there should be a way to say 'hey this building must be operated before any other one'. Or at the very least the engine should be clever and prioritize water and food. The
  25. PS. I fixed it when playing by disabling and reenabling the house. It’s possible it was just chance that I paused it at the right frame. But I don’t think so, but if it fixes it’s self on reloading the it not a big problem.
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