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  2. It happens, that hauling post has enough beavers while an industry is out of order cause of no unemployed beaver. Currently: Hauling post beavers is limited by adjustable number Suggestion: Hauling post handle max beavers, automatically send them to industries with error: "no unempleyed beaver", minimum beavers in hauling post by adjustable number
  3. Hi, just lost a district population of ~90 to thirst. While I am theoretically able to safe the game with beavers from other districts, it is nearly not managable to get those few beavers to the water pumps. You have to manually click all other industry and pause them. There should be a better solution.
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  5. Hello, I suggest a click tool that shows the height of a terrain tile. I think this is helpful to create dams, platforms at the right height.
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  7. I've found it annoying that they also can't functionally be used on corners or intersections. Perhaps a double arch in an X fashion would be possible, which would also fix the orientation issue.
  8. I very much like this idea of seasons, and you might even be able to take the floods a small step further. For example, very short duration flash floods where the water output of the sources is increased by a larger factor like 5 time or maybe more. But again, for a very short duration. Probably less than a day/night cycle. These would be somewhat random events, with a very loose tie to the seasons. No chance of happening during a drought season, small chance during a temperate season, and moderate chance during a storm season. For implementation, you may consider making a distinction betwee
  9. I'd first of all would love to say! Amazingly done for this game! I loved it from the first second, me and my partner play this all the time now, but What would be more amazing if you could make water bridges on the like metal platforms, so you still can go underneath with you're paths... and don't have to build tons and tons of stairs. or shortly said, If we could be able to build levi's on platforms ( metal/wood) so we can make aquaducts. and build routes underneath. Kind regarts
  10. Building leaves on platforms would also be useful to create a proper dam with a floodgate at the bottom and not the top.
  11. So my grandfather works for the local water quality foundation for where we live and I showed him the game and he mentioned that one of the issues they deal with is ecoli in the water from beaver waste and from industrial applications like farming. So It made me think that adding a waste management system to the game would ad another dimension to the play. This is a fundamental mechanic in other games like this such as Oxygen Not Included and I think it would be a lot of fun in this game as well.
  12. I have 2 monitors and the game minimizing whenever I use my browser is very annoying. Windowed Fullscreen should be the sane default these days.
  13. Hey everyone, First off, I really like the game. During one of my plays I was trying to divert water from the river to a smaller pool that could be filled and therefore increasing the green area on the map. At first I thought of using dynamite to create a stream and such, but I was playing a bit and then decided that it would be more fun to create some type of aquaduct. So at first I thought that some scaffolding with some levee's on it would work just fine but I could not place a levee on scaffolds which was quite a pity because the only solution would be to just place levee's everywhere
  14. I like this idea, but what about designing it to fit inside a 1x1 tower? There are gravity batteries out there that look more like a tower than a crane in terms of footprint, and it might make it possible to make them stackable to increase capacity.
  15. That's pretty much it. It'd be great if you could place district gates on top of existing paths (in addition to them including a path if placed on empty ground, like they do now.) And if they're being placed on a path with a clear orientation (path tiles on two opposite sides), maybe auto-rotate their orientation to match? Cause my gate orientation luck feels a lot like USB luck, in that it's never right the first time. Just consistently mildly annoying, lmao
  16. What about a signpost? Like a 1x1 wooden sign with a couple of arrows, extends the range of a district with the added cost of requiring beavers to stop and read it for a moment before continuing on their way. I guess it might look doofy if there's only one road with a bunch of signs along it, lmao. "Still this way, keep going you're doing great."
  17. First of, the game is great. There are a few things that need tweaking, changing and adding but a lot is probably ion the works so I will only talk about things that might not. *Streetlight and other light sources. Lampposts that can be placed on squares that already have something like a road. Add in in the center of one of the sides for example. *Warehouse default as NONE. It seems like any storage should only have one item (not sure why but that's what I've heard, no real reaserch) so the default setting should be NONE on all items and then you can select what should be stored.
  18. 設定でウインドーズモードでも遊べるようになりませんか? 他のサイトの音楽を聴きながらゲーム内の音を調整しながらゲームを楽しみたいのです。
  19. So I'm currently running a triple monitor setup and the Edge Scrolling is broken. I am able to scroll up and down. But when I move my mouse to the left or right side of the screen. My mouse moves to the second or third monitor. I honestly wish the game had a borderless mode. Then I could press my windows key and move my mouse offscreen while keeping the game up and running. However borderless mode is not all that important. What is important is that Edge Scrolling is functioning properly and if I need to go to my desktop I can just tap the Windows key. Whenever I move my mouse left or right t
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  21. yeah, the district system as it currently stands just makes mid/late game super frustrating.
  22. First off, I really love this game so far, it's fun, relaxing (like most city building games) and the drought mechanic makes it challenging and more interesting, love it! I have two suggestions that I think could make the game even better: 1) Storm/Flooding season - How about in addition to droughts, there are floods where the water level increses by 0,5 or 1 unit (my main point is the general suggestion, balancing is not my strong suit). Perhaps like temperate season -> flood season -> temperate season -> drought season -> restart cycle. I think that would give players m
  23. Probably has more to do with the calculations of beaver activity. Beavers don't work outside of working hours which results in significantly fewer options therefore smaller/faster calculations and reduced lag. At night they either sleep or socialize/pray/play. Maybe drink/eat. Each of those they do according to their bar being lower. An entirely more complicated algorithm is used to see if beavers will, for example, cut trees (from where?), move lumber (to where?), or do a necessary task to satisfy lifestyle.
  24. I have done limited testing, but wind appears to be static over the whole map. It's either on for the whole map or off for the whole map and the power/direction is accordingly uniform.
  25. Love this Idea. And there could be different variations of it. A spillway block on the bottom of a stack of levees or below a floodgate with an adjustable outflow (closed, half-open, full open) would be really cool. Similarly a "Culvert" block would be a more basic version that isn't adjustable and only allows a smaller quantity of water through. It would be useful for conserving water while still keeping irrigation canals wet. Functionally similar to a dam or a floodgate, but having the option to draw water from the bottom of a reservoir instead of the top would be amazing. A steep res
  26. would it be possible to put some sort visual wind aid so we know where to place out wind turbines
  27. I would like something like a Paternoster https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paternoster_lift You would need energy for it but be able to connect different hights efective.
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