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  2. Hello, First of all, let me tell you the game loks great, can't wait to see it final version ! I have a small feature suggestion : when a building is selected, there is a small window stating which beaver is working/living there but you have to click on each one to see where it is currently. I think it would be convenient to have them highlighted or pinpointed in some way so that you can see in a glimpse where are the workers of a given building and see where they get their materials from for example. I used to play CivCity Rome a long time ago and there was a similar system whe
  3. Hello, I have played the Demo and I absolutely love the game! It's one of the best city building games I have ever played. However here are some suggestions that I would love to see. Multiplayer The way I imagined it would be for 2 or more players to be abled to build the same city at the same time. Much like Coop in Games like Hoi4 and EU4 works. Another concept of Multiplayer would be the "You're not alone here" type, where 2 or more beaver cities are placed in the same map and build up next to each other. Dams and Dikes I absolutely love the mechanic with the dry and wet times.
  4. 1. Does water in rivers evaporate? Does farming and growing trees drain water out of nearby rivers/reservoirs? If it does, does it draw water faster or slower than irrigation towers? 2. Is there a way to put a hard limit on the number of a certain item to store? 3. How much food and water does each beaver need each day?
  5. I'd love to see some sort of visual indicator showing the number of available/used job slots on buildings so I know where to relocate workers to/from A way to initiate "contracts" such as 2x work speed for the next 3 days but it consumes more food, Rationing food to make it last longer but reduces work speed, 1/2 work speed but it increases happiness and improves chance of more beavers being born, etc. 3x speed could use an auto-graphic change so that it is smoother challenges where doing a certain task or producing a certain number of goods produces either a temporary/permanent
  6. Upvoting the refunded resources when demolishing (maybe even tree stumps too) and the adjustments to make x3 smoother
  7. I don't think water evaporates (The first couple times I played the demo, my reservoir laster longer than 8 days). It seems that growing crops/trees drains water though.
  8. Here I got an exemple of what OP mention on my steam page: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1707412518308911582/00310438B90C4517EA9BC39A0F43CA4B08FF79BE/?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Letterbox&imcolor=%23000000&letterbox=false https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2560118436
  9. How do i add this to my timberborn demo app? Im on windows 10.
  10. I just picked up the demo and played through one game. Although I have limited experience, here are my suggestions which may improve the game, taking into account the developer announcements. 1. Storage and warehouses: I never understood how the warehouse requests worked, as my beavers would fill my warehouses way above the requests. I think that warehouses should have two settings for each resource the warehouse manages: "Requested" and "Maximum." Workers will never fill a resource above its maximum, and will prioritize placing resources in the nearest warehouse with less of that resourc
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  12. 1. Agree. Perhaps you could decide which building to unlock before you do the research, and you would then get a bonus the research since the beavers know exactly what to study. The research points would be applied as a discount to the chosen item, unlocking it automatically once the discount equals the cost. 2. I don't really agree with this one, but holy cow, water tanks are pricey. Water wheels are not exactly cheap, either. And flags isn't really the main restriction on wood gathering, but the amount of nearby wood is. 3. I'm pretty sure you can use the elevated platforms, but yo
  13. I would like to add that even when I set my warehouse to request 50 berries, it still filled up with berries, crowding out the much more valuable potatoes. I think warehouses should have a "minimum" and "maximum" for each resource, so beavers will prioritize placing resources in warehouses that do not have the "minimum," and warehouses above their requested quantity for a resource will send resources to warehouses below it. Additionally, beavers will never place resources exceeding a warehouse's maximum for that resource.
  14. Or have higher level pumps which can reach further down (though the highest tier should be unlimited) and/or make the pumping speeds slower based on how far the pump is above the waterline. That way, it would get harder and harder to draw water as the dry season progresses. These disadvantages would help balance the more powerful pumps.
  15. Have been playing the demo for 3 days solid and I love it! Is the early access date going to be soon? I've taken a demo questionnaire and I've read about all the new developments and seen some beta players posts. This is excellent marketing since I am really amped to play the whole thing and terribly jealous of the beta players. I want to grow wheat! I want to worship beaver deities! I want to build a great DAM monument! I'm checking my wishlist daily for Timberborn to release. I want to give you my money!!!!! Some thoughts on the demo: The demo suggests there will be goals.
  16. Id like to be able to put hats and outfits on my beavers and if they had personality traits like strength (tree cutting), creativeness(building speed), knowledge(science per hour), mechanical(lumber mill output), speed(farming/walking speed). A beaver with high strength would be faster at cutting trees or will yield more logs. Beavers with high knowledge produce more science per hour (from 3 to 4-6 depending on trait level). When beavers grow up they have a chance to learn new traits or skills and the levels will go up or down.
  17. Had a bunch of fun playing this demo, was hooked for the last 8 hours trying to build a dam. Starting with some general feedback on ways I think it could be improved, the birth rates are rather low for how many lodges you can build, perhaps making the birth rate tick up during the wet season could help this. Also I had a couple issues getting the beavers to actually preform the task I was asking them to, for example, I would have builders hauling water between already full tanks rather than building the farmhouse I planned a couple tiles away. They eventually returned to their task but not un
  18. The new graphics are outstanding. Can't wait to build those multilevel housing blocks. I'm not completely sure about the district system, I will have to try it out before I can make up my mind about this. There is one thing I am wondering though. If we can start building under water, does that mean we can build watertanks there as well? If so, do they fill up automatically because they are.. under water? And wouldn't that mean that water pumps become pretty much obsolete? And what about growing trees and crops under water? Or building engine-driven carroussels? Questions... questions...
  19. What I would like to suggest is to have a single button to specify the purpose of a warehouse. . E.g. only allow food (berries, bread, carrots, potato, wheat) or materials (everything else). We can already specify which materials can go in which warehouse, but we have to edit every single material, in every single warehouse. Having a single button to do that same thing would make our lives easier.
  20. Wait, you haven’t heard about beaver districts? Let’s see how they affect where your beavers live, work, walk… and swim. Hi everyone! Time to announce the next big thing coming with the early access launch of Timberborn: the district system. Districts make growing your settlements easier to understand at the beginning and more fun later. They also improve the game’s performance. Oh, and they give your beavers a chance to swim. What is this sorcery, you ask? Keep on reading because there's a lot to unpack. District Centers With districts, the previous range system is going a
  21. I completely agree with being able to manually select your own workers and have them do tasks, you would have so much more control on how efficiently the beavers work.
  22. First off, great game. Already got me hooked. Finished the demo on both maps a couple of times now, and I've only been playing for 3 days. First of a suggestion to the user interface. It would be great to have a way of seeing how much water and food is consumed by your current population. Makes planning for the dry season (which is a great concept for a beaver colony based game) a lot easier. Could add to that a way of seeing how much storage capacity your dammed off basin has with it's current consumption off water pumps, crops, forests etc. (don't actually know if irrigation is c
  23. You can rename the beavers by clicking on the beaver and then clicking on their name.
  24. Hey there me and my girlfriend (who was watching) had much fun playing your demo. It's refreshing to have a peaceful game without fighting, though the dry season is a cool concept. Here are some basic Feedback ideas I came up with: - If you destroy an unfinished building you lose all materials, maybe you should get some or all of them back - An Indicator when a Worker is idle, i.e. Woodcutter has no more trees in range so he just sits around - Beavers constantly tried to balance the water between my watertanks, which took much of their workforce. I don't
  25. I realy like the game. Wet and dry season adds something to the genre too. Some small quality of life stuff: remove tool: I'd like the option to drag and only select certain objects (like tree stumps). add hotkeys: copy building, cancel construction, etc. add mouse edge scrolling. alert when beavers are dying, critical water levels, etc. an indication of the quantity of goods consumed each day would be helpfull. maybe get something like a meteorologist who can determine the length of the next dry season (and thus the quantity of water etc needed to
  26. First impressions were that the game is beautiful to look at and seems well optimised. -The tutorial could be a bit more specific about where to find certain things - maybe a quick show of each section on the bottom bar to the player before starting them building? -When trying to cut down trees for the first time I didn't find it very intuitive - maybe a little animation to show the player which button to press and then which option to choose and how to use it? -After a while of playing I'm still not sure how to get baby beavers - do you need opposite sex beavers sleepin
  27. Maybe the warehouses are full?
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