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  3. Hi @BlackFayah! It appears that you attempted to continue a game from before the last week's update. Unfortunately the new version is not backward compatible, so you will have to start a new game. We normally keep the savegames compatible across versions but in that update we have completely redesigned the terrain system, so it wasn't possible. Such things might happen during the alpha but we will of course avoid such situations after release.
  4. Hi, When I launched the game I clicked on "Continue game". That's when I got the crash screen. I've attached the log file and save. I didn't take a screenshot because I figured it was just the standard crash screen. Player.log Exit save 2020-03-09 21h38m, Day 31.json
  5. We are excited to announce the latest update to Timberborn! Revamped terrain system The changes prepare the game for cool new features that we are going to add in the near future but they also bring immediate benefits: The map file format now accepts any terrain shape. This is in contrast to the old system which only supported height maps of specific shapes, and cliffs could not be more than 2 blocks tall. The new map format supports height maps with values between 0 and 9 but this limit will also be increased soon. Cliffs no longer take a full tile but instead are situated on the edges between tiles. Placing buildings such as stairs, footbridges or raised shafts is now more natural. Stairs (previously known as ramps) are now 1x1 instead of 2x1 which makes it easier to fit them in tight spaces. Natural slopes can now be deleted and replaced with wooden stairs. Arid areas of the map are no longer inaccessible, but they are still unsuitable for growing trees. A map editor is already in the works and will be released soon… …But you can already tinker with the map file format using a text editor and the process is now much easier than before. Read more about creating your own maps here: https://forums.mechanistry.com/topic/9-creating-your-own-maps/ Quality of life Resources are now grouped into Food and Materials. When marking trees for cutting, a counter tells you how much resources you will collect. You are notified when you reach new well-being record. Graphics settings can now be changed in-game. Finally, beavers now cast simple shadows. We’ve also fixed multiple bugs: It is not possible to build Water wheel from a Footbridge. It is not possible to build a Watering place next to a perpendicular cliff. Beaver panel does not fit into screen at higher UI scales. The adult housing counter disappears at certain UI scales. Beavers are born with the same name within a short timespan. Several less severe issues. The new build is already available for download. Note that due to the nature of the changes, the new version is not compatible with older save games. As always, share your feedback!
  6. A new version of Timberborn Alpha is now live! The update includes new warehouse management features, a new attraction and multiple smaller enhancements: Warehouse constraints You can now choose which resources are allowed in each warehouse, and in what amount. The feature was requested by almost everyone who played the alpha :slight_smile: Together with Hauling posts and Storage emptying that were added in December, it forms the basis of the logistics system, but you can expect more features in the future. Temple A place for your dwellers to contemplate their forestial lives, satisfies Spirituality. Sounds Most buildings now play a custom sound after being selected. The game also mutes all audio when it loses focus or gets minimized (but you can change the behavior in settings). UI scaling The automatic UI scaling is now a little smarter but in case you don’t like the default, you can change it in settings. Replaced dirt with shadows Most buildings are now surrounded by a delicate shadow instead of a strip of dirt. Bug fixes Eager Beaver can now satisfy Comfort during sleep. The game no longer crashes in rare situations shortly after loading a savegame. Trees no longer spawn at random locations, the bug is hopefully gone for good this time. Building animations should now properly loop, fixing a (barely noticeable) jitter in the previous versions. Go ahead and download the new build now on Discord or add Timberborn to your Steam wishlist: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1062090/Timberborn/
  7. Another update went live on Discord and Steam on January 16th. If you haven't added Timberborn to your wishlist yet, you are very much encouraged to do so now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1062090/Timberborn/ Even though the update focuses on QoL and bug fixes, it also adds one new building: Carousel! The new top tier attraction satisfies Fun making your beavers happier than ever! Quality of life: You can now separately control the volume of UI, environment and music. We have also increased the master volume so that it's more in line with other games. Bug fixes: Almost all of the bugs reported during holidays have been fixed. We received numerous reports about beavers sleeping all day and skipping important work such as pumping water, sometimes leading to whole villages dying out of thirst. We are happy to let you know that the problem is now fixed. Beavers sometimes prioritized a Watering place even if it there was a much closer Water tank - it should not happen anymore. The game no longer crashes in certain cases after deleting a building. Forester no longer plants trees at random locations throughout the village. It is now possible to place a Raised shaft in between two entrances. Beavers no longer die when food was delivered to a warehouse at the last moment. If a building is paused in the evening, its workers are now unassigned immediately, instead of in the morning. Have fun playing and don't forget to share your feedback!
  8. An updated version of Timberborn was released on December 18th: The backpack model has been replaced with one which we think is better suited for Haulers. Let us know what you think! After selecting a building you can see its Productivity metric which tells you how much time its workers spend on actual crafting as opposed to performing other activities such as carrying materials.
  9. Hi @Cryptic51, please follow the instructions in the #faq channel on Discord.
  10. I tried to download the open alpha but it would not allow me to download it? Is there a way to fix this?
  11. I upload your save and player log for completeness. Exception_save_2020-01-24_16h53m_Day_200.json Player (27).log
  12. Hiiiii ! So to start with, I have as composat: Intel Core 5 -> Processor. GTX 1080TI -> GPU and 8G RAM. I don't know why my game don't stop crash at my recently save with Fancy Beavers. Crash of the game out that i didn't do anything just watch my game. Not even lauch production and the like. The game at 199 days to start showing unstable resource figures. Exemple: Once it was 60 Twigs 1 seconds after 20 twigs then 57twigs (Whaaattttt ? is my reaction :x) And after at 200th days with fancy beavers just crash... PS: I tried to change the graphics to low, play in speed 1x etc. But that did not remove the problem :/. And I don't kow why I can't join my backup and player files. Thank you in advance for the explanation and sorry for the inconvenience 😅!Your game is awesommmmeeee :3 !
  13. Thank you! We will take a look into it.
  14. Not sure what I did to cause it. Was running at 7x speed pretty sure I was not doing or building anything just watching. Got all the way here with no crashes. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970. Game files are attached. Player.log Exception save 2020-01-19 15h33m, Day 16.json
  15. Hi! Thanks for submitting a bug. We believe this crash is connected with building emptying. Could you please confirm it for us? If you delete a Log pile that is marked for emptying, then the game crashes. But if you first unmark it, then there is no crash.
  16. Sorry scratch that, crashed few seconds later again. This save is after I deleted the structure, before the crash. Player.log2020-01-14 21h06m, Day 33.json
  17. For reference, second time I tried it, no crash,
  18. If you need me to test anything or any questions let me know.
  19. Empty Log pile, Deleted it and instant crash, Autosave 2020-01-14 20h49m, Day 30.json Player.log
  20. Link to DIscord not working, may I have invite?
  21. I had this same problem with the water pump operator from one of my games. They would stay in their house all day causing the water pump to remain empty, until my settlement died of thirst. It would not happen all the time, but when it did it was catastrophic if I didn't have backup drinking stations. I was also playing Eager Beavers at the time. Not sure if it was happening with any other beavers, I just took notice of the water pump operator since it was causing my beavers to die from thirst. Save attached is from after I installed two backup drinking stations. EDIT: Should also mention I was playing on a custom map downloaded from the Discord server. Autosave 2020-01-05 22h19m, Day 97.json Player.log
  22. I'm having trouble getting this bug to reproduce, but I was having an issue with the grill constantly saying "Can't get all required materials" when I had plenty of logs and raw potatoes. The only way I could fix it was to delete the grill and build a new one in the exact same spot, after which it worked for the remainder of the game. I've attached the game that it happened in, though like I said I've been unable to get it to reproduce. I was playing eager beavers on a custom map (downloaded from the Discord server) at the time. Autosave 2020-01-05 18h36m, Day 18.json Player.log
  23. Something I brought up on the Discord a while back, the addition of dirt paths as an early game path that cost zero resources but didn't provide anything really useful other than appearances or testing paths. Existing wooden paths could provide a slight boost in speed compared to solid ground/dirt paths.
  24. Hi @Mannol26 thanks for reporting this, we will look into it.
  25. Sometimes one of my beavers don't wake up in the morning and stay in bed all day long. I've been observing them, and they do wake up the next day and continue as if nothing went wrong. Last observation was that the beaver that stayed in bed, was one that was a bit far away from his house when he went to bed the previous night, so he actually didn't enter his house until the next day started.. maybe that's why there is no trigger for him to exit his bed until the next morning? it seems to be more common with Eager Beavers, which would make sense as they sleep so short, so it's easy for them to be late with going to bed. I have attached my Log File and my Save file. Currently my inventor is lazy in bed. Player.log Lazy Beaver.json
  26. OK so that area next to the bridge is technically just one tile of land, there is not enough room for a water pump. But we're seeing a lot of people with problems like yours - it works as we intended but apparently it is confusing. That's why we are now in the process of changing how cliffs work (but it is too early to show anything concrete).
  27. well, not really. I've build 2 waterpumps without any issues. There's a 2 square space blocked by a bridge in my screenshot I submitted but the waterpump would not build. I'm not sure if it's because there isn't enough land or a bug. Maybe you could take a look at it by removing the bridge and try building the waterpump as it wont work for me.
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