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  2. it seems that the first dry season is about 2 or 3 days long and the second 15 days. i did not survive the second one.
  3. Certainly the full game shouldn't be free. I would buy it now if it was available to be able to get past the first 2 cycles. I think it's a mistake that they are putting off releasing a full version. They should release a paid full version as it is now and label it a beta version and continue with their plans to improve the game. I'd buy it. The revenue would help them with further developments and they would get more and better feedback.
  4. I think only idle beavers do it though. It's especially annoying when you see beavers moving stuff from one to another and other beavers moving the same stuff in the other direction. There needs to be some sort of balance here or better logic to reduce beaver wasted time.
  5. The other thing you could do is pause all your other constructions. I think there is a hotkey for pausing that might be useful.
  6. As a player, I find that you have to think about what you are using wood for. Sometimes you have to put things off until you have more wood. It is definitely a resource management game. Also keep making paths and stairs to the more distant trees to keep the wood flowing until your planted trees are grown. And start forestry as soon as possible. That said, I agree, there need to be returned resources when dismantling buildings. It always pains me when I dismantle a building and get nothing in return.
  7. Last week
  8. Love the game as a whole, but often I find it hard to judge how long dry seasons would be, some indicator (even very cryptic) would be very helpful.
  9. First off, I've only played a few hours. I've been encountering the same issue part way through my play through. There's never enough wood. Wood seems to run out quite fast as everything uses it, this happens quite fast (especially for housing) thus I haven't yet finished the forestry before all the wood gets chopped up. Is this intended so that we don't cut down as many trees or to have us let the trees grow back (not cutting them all)? My suggestion is that dismantling buildings returns a portion of the resources so that it is possible to recover from mistakes if questio
  10. Hi, I love the game but my only question is why can we not but a levee on top of a dam. What I mean is having a dam on bottom and then making a levee on top of that.
  11. I hid the UI to admire my handy work as the second dry season was coming to an end. When the game ended with the UI hidden, I was no longer able to do anything with the game. I could not return the UI to close the game. I had to manually crash the game to close it.
  12. Couldnt find a setting for it - would be great to prioritse buildings. Either with a high/low, the number system that ONI has, or a 'how many builders on this' like banished. Only solution ive had currently when i ran out of food without noticing was delete all the buildings i was already working on, and then they would build the gathering flag.
  13. Same as for two log piles, didnt watch behavior with two storage buildings tho.
  14. If the developers reward at all, it should be with something cosmetic - not a free full game. Something simple, like santa hats for the beavers or something lol
  15. A few ideas... - Thunderstorm causes a forest fire which threatens your wood supply - Flash flood causes water to spill over the banks up to a certain amount of tiles, damaging buildings but irrigating crops (would encourage farms to be placed along rivers) - Insects or diseases that affect crops - Shooting star that fills the "Awe" trait for a period of time - Mudslides from rain that break down raised tiles by a lower elevation plain - Humans? A hunter/trapper that strolls by your beaver village or a hiker passerby that affects the traits of beavers, whether it
  16. Having a lot of food is great and all... until bears notice. Adding danger to the mix would create a really fun dynamic, forcing you to consider how you build up your defenses. Build a wall, traps, train beaver warriors, and fend off predators.
  17. The title sums it up. Would be great to have the ability to grow crops and trees faster by producing and spreading fertilizer. Fertilizer could be created by composting surplus crops which, over time, turn into fertilizer.
  18. I was very confused with the dams and levees which seems to be such a huge part of the game, expanding the tutorial so player who are new so they can understand the farming and dams would make it much more player friendly in my mind.
  19. Just to be clear, you kind of want a levee that can open so you don't have to destroy it. If this is what you mean I agree that this would be a good addition.
  20. It would be nice if they could still walk in shallow water, I had some beavers almost starve because there was the slightest bit of water in front of a staircase, the one time dry season was good.
  21. If you actually like the game, you shouldn't mind buying it.
  22. Had my second save, everything looks fine until my population explodes to 35 and make my water reserve overwhelmed (have 13 water tank still not enough for second dry season) Is there some way to control the population so it keeps in a reasonable number?
  23. It seem I´m playing wrong this game 😶
  24. Earlier
  25. I wanted to throw out a few of my ideas for what i consider an already awesome title. I looked around to see if any of these were mentioned already and i could only find the first two so i decided more voices saying the same thing cant be too bad. 1. Research is painfully slow. I'm not necessarily saying that it needs to be less but that it would be nice to see a way to buff it (maybe through a policy? see below) 2. I feel like building costs are a little steep, especially for the amount of builders and wood cutters you can have per flag 3. Allow power shafts to be elevated so o
  26. @roboboyX, As I understood -- not now. may be implemented later(hope so).
  27. Is there a way to view the building queue all at once so I can see what I need to pause to get them to demolish the brush?
  28. I built the carousel and wall within two cycles, cycles=seasons.
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